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vSphere 5: vNUMA paper now available

I promised in the blog post vNUMA: What it is and why it matters to share the full research paper with you when it became available. It can now be downloaded here. If you find the paper useful, please click to give it a star rating on that same page. As a reminder, here is […]

vNUMA: What it is and why it matters

In vSphere 5, we introduced vNUMA which allows interested guest operating systems to see that they are running on a NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Architecture) topology. For those not familar, here is a one-diagram NUMA explanation. As you can see, in the UMA case, the cost of accessing a particular memory address is the same […]

VMware at HPCvirt 2011 in Bordeaux France

I am very excited that VMware had two papers accepted to the 5th Workshop on System Level Virtualization for High Performance Computing (HPCvirt 2011), which will be held as part of Europar 2011 in Bordeaux on August 29th. My only regret is that I won’t be able to attend because this overlaps with VMworld 2011 […]

Virtual Cloud Infrastructure for HPC

Yesterday we announced a pile of new software releases all aimed at creating the integrated virtual cloud infrastructure needed to support cloud computing. Among the announcements was vSphere 5.0, a major release of our virtualization platform. This quick post is intended to mention a few items of interest to HPC users. First, with vSphere 5.0 […]