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Security Server with PCoIP over UDP available with View 4.6

In my October blog post A Simple Experiment, I discussed the great WAN experience that we demonstrated at VMworld Europe using View and PCoIP. What I didn’t talk a lot about was that we weren’t using an off the shelf VPN for the connection back to the US, we were actually using an early version […]

Secure Remote Access with View and PCoIP

Mark Benson – View Architect – VMware End User Computing CTO Office View Security Server is a component of View that is typically deployed in a DMZ to support remote access to virtual desktops. When accessing desktops from the Internet, such as by the home or mobile worker, Security Server provides the required level of […]

Why PCoIP is Ideal for Remote Virtual Desktops

It’s not a secret that remote desktop protocols have been lacking to date when compared with local execution on client PCs. However the centralized management and security is compelling and has often made up for this shortcoming. VMware has been hard at work addressing this deficiency – we aim to bring all the operational benefits […]