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New Activity in App Standards

There has been a lot of activity on improved app management standards lately. And it has been happening on several fronts, all at the same time. Many years ago I co-authored a book, which is no longer in print, called the Foundations of Application Management, published by John Wiley and Sons. In that book I […]

Open Standards and Open Source in the Mobile-Cloud Era

Having been a part of industry standards for over 20 years, I am able to see the changing landscape of Open Standards and Open Source in the new Mobile-Cloud era. The shifts in the role standards and open source are playing today are much different from what it was 20 years ago. They have been […]

Debunking Cloud IaaS Mobility Myths

Many things in life appear great on the surface, but wisdom has taught us to never trust a book by its cover or believe in silver bullets. The latest story I frequently hear being pitched in IT circles is that of cloud IaaS Utopia. In this universe, workloads can simply move anywhere (between disparate providers […]

The State of Cloud Standards

As the field of cloud computing has developed over the last few years, many people in the industry have recognized the need for clear and open standards that can help maintain an environment that gives us as much flexibility in the future as possible.  Standards work for cloud computing security is relatively mature, but work […]

New Cloud Standards Adopted, Available and Announced

Some new activity around cloud computing standards have occurred in the last month that I thought would be good to blog about. First of all we are all very excited to receive the news that OVF (Open Virtualization Format) specification has been adopted as an international standard ISO/IEC 17203.  This a major milestone and will […]

The Importance of Open Cloud Standards

The web as we know it today is very different from its pre-standards self. Before today’s standards, there were online services but no broad connectivity between those services and their users. With the introduction of html, http, and DNS we saw an explosion of shared information, resulting in the robust internet experience we enjoy today. […]

Cloud Standards and Software License Management

Cloud computing is changing how IT managers are running their infrastraucture and giving them more flexibility in running their workloads. Now they can virtualize them and create portable images of their systems and services. Theses portable workloads can be realized as vApps and serveral servers can be deployed as a single package to a cloud […]