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The CAP Aftermath: Return of the Silos!

Enterprises today employ a variety of specialized NoSQL/NewSQL data platforms for managing documents, key-values, graphs, sparse tables, etc. Developers love the specialized APIs as they increase agility and velocity when delivering their applications. Ops is on the receiving side of this equation, being required to manage developer-defined software stacks in production, and being accountable for […]

The Changing Face of Enterprise Data

What constitutes business-critical data for an enterprise today? A decade ago, the answer would be straightforward: the data associated with business-critical applications such as inventory management, email systems, financials, etc. IT was focused primarily on transforming business processes into efficient electronic workflows. Today, globalization is forcing enterprises to better optimize and personalize workflows to remain […]

VMware Virtual SAN: The Software-Defined Storage Platform of the Future

This week at VMworld 2015, we announced Virtual SAN 6.1, the third-generation of VMware’s hyper-converged infrastructure for VMs. With this release, we are introducing several major enhancements and new capabilities, including support for the latest generation of storage devices, new availability and disaster recovery features, and advanced management and serviceability tools. These capabilities build on […]

Is it a Storage System? Is it a Database? The ongoing blurring of boundaries within enterprises

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a storage system? Well, rotating disks! Storage has been traditionally consumed either in the form of block storage or as files. Irrespective of the consumption model, data gets persisted/retrieved on physical disks or Flash using protocols (such as Small Computer System Interface […]

Spicing up Data Lifecycle Management with Hybrid Cloud Storage Recipes

As enterprises grapple with exponential data growth, they are looking for new models to efficiently store, analyze, and archive data. Software-defined storage (SDS), as well as the hybrid cloud model, is shifting wasteful “just-in-case” provisioning into seamless “just-in-time” provisioning and storage management for optimal total cost of ownership (TCO). The hybrid cloud model allows enterprises […]

VMware and the Future of Storage and Availability

From the early days of VMware, it became clear that dealing with storage in efficient and scalable ways were key requirements for the success of virtualization in enterprise environments. Indeed, the storage stack of ESXi, including VMFS, played a key role in the proliferation of virtualization in data centers, where data is stored and managed […]

Why Object Storage Is Making Inroads Into Enterprise Storage Deployments

The amount of data stored within an enterprise is growing at a phenomenal rate. In the late ‘90s, a storage system with one petabyte capacity was considered a great accomplishment— you got your name in news articles and also got invited to give conference keynotes! Today, the storage industry talks in terms of exabytes and […]