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VMware Welcomes Wanova to the EUC Family

Today we announced that VMware has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Wanova. This acquisition represents a very exciting and strategic addition to the VMware End-User Computing product portfolio.  The combination of VMware View and Wanova Mirage is an industry first pairing that dramatically redefines the VDI market – no longer is the market […]

View Storage Accelerator – VMware’s next step towards more reliable, more cost-effective storage for VDI environments

VDI with VMware View has brought many benefits to customers over the years, including business agility, improved control and security and end-user flexibility. However, a vexing problem as our customers scale up the size of their deployments has been how to achieve cost-effective storage designs for VDI environments while maintaining an excellent quality of service […]

Security Server with PCoIP over UDP available with View 4.6

In my October blog post A Simple Experiment, I discussed the great WAN experience that we demonstrated at VMworld Europe using View and PCoIP. What I didn’t talk a lot about was that we weren’t using an off the shelf VPN for the connection back to the US, we were actually using an early version […]

An emerging “View” of security and compliance

While server virtualization has gone mainstream, and set the table for private cloud infrastructure, another distinct and significant trend is poised to follow in its footsteps – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), also referred to as Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD) by Gartner. VDI or HVD refers to the use of desktop VMs hosted in the data […]

Secure Remote Access with View and PCoIP

Mark Benson – View Architect – VMware End User Computing CTO Office View Security Server is a component of View that is typically deployed in a DMZ to support remote access to virtual desktops. When accessing desktops from the Internet, such as by the home or mobile worker, Security Server provides the required level of […]

View 4.5 & The Journey Towards Enabling the Consumer Cloud Experience for the Enterprise

User expectations of their business computing environments are changing, being driven by their experiences as consumers. New state of the art devices and user interfaces, cloud computing and the associated SaaS-based applications, ubiquitous connectivity. These trends are converging and when combined are profoundly influencing the direction of end-user computing.   What are some of the […]

VMware View for “Thick” Clients

A few months ago, I posted an inaugural blog about VMware’s overall vision for the desktop. In it, I talked about the value of isolating all aspects of a user’s desktop from the underlying  hardware that executes it. View and our VDI solution directly embraces this vision and recently with View 4 brought the richest […]