Blue glowing high energy plasma field in space, computer generated abstract background

Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Well, of course the microphone has been on since January–but I haven’t been blogging. I have lots of excuses for that, none of them good. From past experience I know it is best to post SOMETHING to break the silence and then restart the habit without a lot of hand wringing.

So, here are some topics I’d like to cover in upcoming posts, though not necessarily in this order.

  • Hadoop as a new and emerging HPC workload in the Enterprise
  • Some cool work on predicting cache state in a virtual environment to increase performance
  • The continued convergence of HPC and Enterprise requirements
  • The emerging importance of low latency communication in the Enterprise
  • Some tips and tricks about using VMware’s snapshot / restore capability for checkpointing

So, stick with me please — more content coming soon!


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