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The Hybrid Work Style May Be Our Post-Pandemic New Normal

Stringent COVID-19 restrictions began relaxing this month, prompting companies around the world to invite (or require) employees to go back to the office. VMware is no exception, having reopened offices in most of our global locations on February 1. In our case, employees have a choice whether to work in the office full-time, part-time (a hybrid option), or to be fully remote.

For those of us who are “desk warriors,” it is clear that the pandemic has changed the way we work — maybe for good. Like VMware, many large companies have adopted flexible work models, allowing employees to make choices about how much time they spend in the office or specifying a certain number of hours or days that they may work remotely. While some companies may alter these policies in the future, it seems as though remote work has become “business as usual.” In contrast to those who work in healthcare or other professions that require physical presence, I am conscious of how fortunate we are to have these options.

As for me, I choose the hybrid option. I mostly work from home, which allows me to spend the time I would have spent commuting with my kids, getting in an extra workout, and so on. I relish those extra hours in my day. And now that it’s less frequent, I am excited when I go into the office for customer meetings, offsites, or to film videos. I appreciate the work-life balance and I’m hearing my colleagues say the same. What’s more, without the distractions, I’m actually getting more done in less time, so it’s a win-win.

Next week, I’ll share some of the VMware products that have made it possible for thousands of people around the world to work remotely, securely, and productively over the last 23 years. These solutions have proved invaluable throughout the pandemic.   

In the meantime, check out these other articles detailing VMware’s point of view on the future of work: The Future of Work Will Be Co-Created by Employers and Employees (by Betsy Sutter, VMware Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer) and Say Hello to our New Hybrid Work Future (by Jason Conyard, VMware Chief Information Officer).

Are you missing office life? Happy to work in pajamas indefinitely? Searching for balance? Let me know in the comments.




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  1. Being fully remote has given me 3 extra hours in a day that I would have spent commuting, since I live far from the office. The tools we use, such as videochat and Slack, make it seamless. After all, in the office, I wouldn’t always be physically present with co-workers, since we have employees in many locations. So it’s not that different. What is different is my personal carbon footprint, the ability to start a meditation practice, and to work out every day. That calm — which replaces a very stressful time in my car commuting — has made me more effective at work and happier. It might be the only good thing the pandemic has wrought. I’m grateful for those who are physically present to care of those who have been ill. But I’m so happy that I, like you, am a desk warrior and can stay home. Cheers!

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