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The New Way to Work – End-user computing in the post-PC era

Cloud computing is the most impactful advance in information technology in years, and VMware’s contributions to this field have been defined by innovations affecting almost every aspect of our technology interactions. From changing the way that IT looks at servers and the datacenter, to delivering the next generation open application platform, to redefining the role of the desktop, VMware innovation has led the charge. But we’re just getting started…


The cloud is about much more than just making the IT department’s life easier. End-users deserve to reap the benefits of the cloud as well, and “your cloud” is focused on delivering these to both IT and end-users in a very personalized way. Let’s make this a bit more concrete…


I don’t know about you, but I frequently find myself doing silly things at work. Have you ever found that you


  • Email yourself large documents so that you can access them from home or from multiple devices?
  • Collaborate on documents by sending around files with names like “vmworld-keynote-v11-PM-SH.ppt”?
  • Live with a clogged mailbox where almost all company communication (both relevant and not) occurs?
  • Carry two mobile phones so that your personal life can be kept separate from your work life?
  • Spelunk for your VPN token just to get access to a single file at work?
  • Constantly copy and update “standard” presentations to get the latest templates and data or to customize just one page for a specific audience?


These are the sorts of problems we’re attacking in our end-user computing group at VMware. Our mission is to help users get their work done quickly, effectively, safely, and collaboratively. Along the way, they should have their experience at work be as engaging and enjoyable as when working at home with consumer applications.


To date we’ve attacked these problems through our VMware View, ThinApp, and Zimbra products, and today I’m happy to announce another step forward in offering people a new way to work.




Today, VMware is announcing the acquisition of SlideRocket – the leader in online presentations. SlideRocket’s focus on improving the process of building, delivering, and sharing presentations is a testament to the potential of cloud computing to change how business users work, providing them with technology that makes them happier, engaged and more productive.


Presentations are second only to email as the most commonly used business tool. Professionals rely upon presentations for critical business communication such as influencing audiences and closing deals. Yet, despite their critical role, the process of creating, delivering, and sharing presentations is still based on 25-year-old technology, so most presentations remain static, one-way documents that lack impact.


Collaborating with others around presentations often involves sending large file attachments and comments in email, worrying about whether recipients have the appropriate software to review, and wasting time keeping track of who has the latest version.  And, once a presentation is shared outside your company, it’s impossible to make changes, or even know if someone has viewed it.  The process is frustrating and the result is often miscommunication and lost productivity. Perhaps most importantly, this approach to building and sharing presentations is incompatible with our increasingly mobile business lives.


SlideRocket is built for a new, cloud-centric way of working. Its intuitive, web-based interface allows users to easily assemble rich, dynamic presentations that help captivate an audience whether they’re in the conference room, on a conference call, or in a coffee shop. Individuals can quickly create slides that flow with dynamic data from sources like Google, Twitter, and Salesforce. Author’s charts and graphs are always up-to-date with real-time data from Google spreadsheets, display up to the moment financial information, tap into the instant flow of ideas on twitter, and intelligently assemble sales decks in a single click. People can work as teams to build presentations that take full advantage of the cloud, while analytics provide insight into how presentations are impacting your audience. Most importantly, all SlideRocket presentations are built so audiences can experience them on multiple devices, ranging from desktops to tablets, online or off.



I’m quite enthused about both the product and the great team that is joining VMware. You can read more about this move in SlideRocket CEO Chuck Dietrich’s blog here. Better yet, give it a try at


We’re doing many exciting things at VMware, but I find our efforts in end-user computing to be among the most personally satisfying. These new products are literally offering me a new way to work, a new way that is more productive, convenient, and fun! Today marks a step forward on this journey, and there are many more exciting steps ahead…


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