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The Promise of Data

A couple of months ago, VMware Fellow Christos Karamanolis laid out a strategy for Data Infrastructure for Modern Applications. He presented that strategy at VMware Explore US and had a great discussion with Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman on the Unexplored Territory Podcast: Data is the new oil! Featuring Christos Karamanolis.

Over the last few years, VMware has seen a growing interest from our customers in helping them build robust data infrastructure. They are looking to support the increasing amounts of data collected across clouds and to realize the promise of that data.

Data is everywhere. As modern organizations operate, they acquire data about every aspect of their business: each interaction, transaction, or connection has a unique value. With that data, organizations aspire to reach the promise of a better understanding of their world – speeding up innovation, increasing profit, and providing authentic customer engagement.

Businesses rely on data-powered applications to inform critical business decisions, improve user experience, and keep them competitive. As a result, every application is powered by data as a foundational architectural component. With the variety of cloud-native and traditional applications, organizations are faced with many data types: transactional, analytical, time-log data, in-memory caching, document, IoT sensors, and more. In a complex hybrid environment, these critical applications could be dependent on a large data monolith, multiple distributed databases of various types, or often, a mix of both. This complexity can often lead to silos of information by both type and structure.

While every organization’s overall digital transformation journey may look different, their data-related needs are often similar: they need to effectively capture, process, and serve data quickly, drive analytic value out of massive sets of disparate data, and integrate data assets to support a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-native and traditional applications.

As VMware continues to innovate on the software-defined data center (SDDC) and accelerate enterprise cloud transformation, it is clear that data workloads will likewise continue to grow – and we are poised to support our customers’ journeys as they modernize both traditional and modern applications. To reflect this evolutionary journey, VMware rebranded (and evolved) the Tanzu Data Services portfolio as VMware Data Solutions. You can read more details about this announcement here.

VMware Data Solutions build on VMware’s long history of infrastructure and cloud innovation, enabling customers to modernize their approach to data. VMware Data Solutions provides organizations with a rich portfolio of current solutions (VMware Data Services Manager, VMware SQL, VMware Greenplum, VMware RabbitMQ, and VMware GemFire) and upcoming solutions, such as Project Moneta demoed as Tech Preview at VMware Explore US.

If you happen to be attending the upcoming VMware Explore Europe (Nov 7-10), the team will be there presenting and meeting with both partners and customers. Below are some of our recommended data-related sessions :

  • Data Infrastructure strategy and demo: Data Infrastructure for Modern Applications [VIB1487EUR]
  • Customer session: Automating a Statistical Analytics Pipeline with Greenplum and Containers [DOSB3081EUR]
  • Sovereign Clouds: Data Spaces: Enabling the Digital Economy [VIB2915EUR]
  • Data at the Edge: ML at the Edge is Different: Architecting AI/ML to Unlock the Value of Data [CEIB2799EUR]
  • Partner Session in the Expo: Kioxa and Dell: Advancing Storage Technology for Multi-Cloud Platforms [CEI3081EURS]

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about VMware’s strategy and portfolio around data infrastructure and solutions, please fill in the short survey (five quick questions) here.

Looking forward to seeing you at Explore Europe, and stay tuned for more news,



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