Three Extreme Performance Talks from the Office of the CTO at VMworld USA

The Office of the CTO will be presenting three talks in the unofficial “Extreme Performance” series at the upcoming VMworld 2017 conference in Las Vegas. In addition, one of these talks will be delivered at VMworld Europe in Barcelona.

Each of these talks focuses on important aspects of pushing the envelope to achieve high performance in a vSphere environment.

The first talk, Making the Complicated Simple: Cycle Stealing from the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Estate for Financial Modeling and Simulation, is a joint talk with Wayne Longcore from Jackson National Life Insurance Company. We will describe in detail a very simple, but clever way of using vSphere to drive physical resources to high utilization levels by combining disparate workloads in a highly dynamic way. Wayne and his team have architected a neat solution which we are eager to share with attendees.

The second talk, Sharing High-Performance Devices Across Multiple Virtual Machines: Machine Learning and Scientific Computing Use Cases, is a joint talk with Aviad Yehezkel from our partner Mellanox Technologies. In this talk we will delve into the benefits of using very high-speed, low-latency interconnect technologies to deliver extreme performance for the SPARK Big Data framework; for compute and storage  intensive technical applications in the sciences, research, and engineering; and for highly-parallel applications such as Machine Learning that use high-end GPUs for extreme performance.

In our third talk, Wringing Maximum Performance from vSphere for Extremely Demanding Workloads and Customers, my colleague Na Zhang and I will share detailed performance and tuning information gleaned from a number of Proof-of-Concept customer engagements and other experiments we’ve done in support of helping customers run High Performance Computing (HPC) applications on vSphere, including financial and scientific applications. We will also explain in detail how to enable high-end accelerator cards like the NVIDIA K80 and P100 on vSphere for running Machine Learning and other extreme performance applications. This talk will be delivered in Barcelona as well.

We hope to see you at VMworld!

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