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Top 6 Next-Gen Sessions to Attend at VMworld US

The Emerging Trends: Office of The CTO is a track you don’t want to miss at this year’s VMworld USA conference, taking place Aug. 25-29 in San Francisco.

VMware’s Office of the CTO is dedicated to looking over the horizon – exploring and identifying disruptive technology trends to shape new solutions that will impact the future. Join us for these forward-looking technology sessions on AI, blockchain, quantum computing and more to help you plan and evolve your IT strategies over the next decade. You’ll learn about VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation, open source, and sustainability efforts through sessions presented by VMware’s technology leaders within research and development and field organizations.

VMworld is coming soon and as you are planning which sessions to attend, we wanted to share with you six notable sessions from our emerging technology track we highly recommend:

1- Post-Quantum Cryptography: What Every Security Professional Should Know [OCTO2501BU] – Thursday, Aug 29, 9:00 a.m.

As the prospects for realizing quantum computing steadily improve, there’s an important disruption emerging in response within the world of security: post-quantum cryptography (PQC). In the 1990s, Peter Shor showed that if scaled quantum computers were to exist, they could be used to efficiently reverse engineer private keys in our widely used public key cryptography. In this session, we will discuss the implications of this surprising result and the considerable work done in recent years to prepare the industry for migrating to quantum-safe algorithms. You will learn the basics of PQC, how early deployments are likely to work, notable standards and efforts by key organizations, and what PQC means for your organization in the future. Find out what VMware is doing to help enable industry readiness.

Speaker: David Ott, Sr. Staff Researcher and Academic Program Director, VMware

2- Armed and Ready: VMware Tech and Solutions on Arm-Based Systems [OCTO2944BU] – Tuesday, Aug 27, 5:00 p.m.

Arm-based systems are becoming important in a number of new and critical market segments, such as IoT, edge compute, edge NFV, and cloud. This breakout session will go over market segments where Arm-based technologies have an impact, and describe what VMware is doing to address these new challenges, including but not limited to VMware ESXi on Arm, Arm-based virtualized edge, VMware Photon OS, and VMware Pulse IoT Center.


  • Daniel Beveridge, Senior Architect, Office of the CTO, VMware
  • Andrei Warkentin, Arm Enablement Architect, VMware

3- VMware Blockchain: Distributed Trust at Scale [OCTO2657BU] Monday, Aug 26, 5:00 p.m.

Learn how VMware Blockchain can provide a scalable, manageable, trusted blockchain for your application needs. We will cover everything you need to deploy VMware Blockchain successfully and enable your applications to go into true production. Plenty of real-world case studies, architectures, and learnings will be revealed for a no-nonsense look at doing real production applications that deliver value with VMware Blockchain.

Speaker: Mike DiPetrillo, Sr. Director, VMware

4- VMware CTO Panel: What’s Over the Horizon? [OCTO2899PU] – Tuesday, Aug 27, 11:00 a.m.

VMware CTOs spend significant time assessing emerging technology trends, taking a practical look at their potential impacts and opportunities for VMware. This session explores emerging areas, inclusive of edge, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), SD-WAN and network service mesh, distributed data management, and more. There will also be ample time for you to have your most pressing questions answered.


  • Ray O’Farrell, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, VMware
  • Christos Karamanolis, Fellow and CTO Storage & Availability, VMware
  • Greg Lavender, SVP & CTO, Cloud Architecture, VMware
  • Pere Monclus, CTO Network and Security, VMware

5- Employee Superpowers with Spatial Computing and Artificial Intelligence [OCTO2793BU]Monday, Aug 27, 11:00 a.m.

In this session you will learn about the latest developments in spatial computing and how the technology, along with artificial intelligence, can bring significant workforce productivity gains leading to savings in time, cost and quality control. Specifically, we will look at why spatial computing is the next computing evolution, how it can help in the enterprise, the technology required to deliver its benefits and the challenges you will face. Finally, we will show how AI can enhance the workforce with a demonstration of spatial computing at work based on a prototype at VMware.


  • Matt Coppinger, Director, AR/VR, VMware
  • Alan Renouf, Sr Product Line Manager – XR Strategy, VMware

6- Inside the VMware Innovation Engine [OCTO1872BU] – Monday, Aug 26, 12:30 p.m.

VMware was named the seventh-most innovative company in enterprise in the world by Fast Company. But how has VMware kept innovating for the past 21 years? How does VMware think about sustaining and disruptive innovations? What differentiates VMware from others in the market? What are the most valuable lessons learned? This session is a unique chance for VMworld attendees to look behind the VMware innovation curtain and see how VMware nurtures innovation. We will look at the processes that VMware has put in place over time to ensure innovation is at the core of its EPIC2 culture. Then, we will discuss some specific projects directly with the innovators from the VMware internal innovation programs and labs (Flings, RADIO, xLabs). Finally, we will share our key lessons learned on how to best foster internal innovation: What works, and what does not.


  • Michael Gandy, Director, Xplorer Group, VMware
  • Joel Leichnetz, Director, Xplorer Group, VMware


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See you at VMworld 2019, The OCTO Team