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Ultra-low latencies — Let’s talk RDMA

Bhavesh and I are packing our bags and heading to Monterey this weekend for the kickoff of the OpenFabrics Alliance User and Developer Workshop, which to my mind is the venue for discussing all aspects of RDMA across multiple transport technologies and multiple OS and virtualization platforms. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Bhavesh and I will be presenting our experiences with RDMA in a talk titled RDMA on vSphere: Update and Future Directions.


I plan to give a quick report on the InfiniBand bandwidth and latency numbers we measured last summer on vSphere (teaser above) and then hand it over to Bhavesh, who will talk in detail about his experiences with hypervisor-level RDMA and also what he’s been looking at relative to guest-level, virtual RDMA.

I’m also particularly interested to hear several talks listed in the agenda. Specifically, Live Migration With SR-IOV Supported InfiniBand by Wei Lin from Oracle, Microsoft SMB 2.2 – Running Over RDMA in Windows 8, by Tom Talpey from Microsoft, iWARP Learnings and Best Practices by Michael Feen from Penn State, Hadoop/Big Data-based Clusters with FDR InfiniBand by Apurva Desai from EMC, and OFED Use in the Financial Industry by Christoph Lameter.

I hope to do at least one blog entry from the conference , so stay tuned.


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