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Univa moves to ensure Grid Engine continues to fire on all cylinders for HPC

Univa announced today that “the principal engineers from the Sun/Oracle Grid Engine team” are joining Univa to offer superior engineering support for Grid Engine and to create Univa versions of Grid Engine going forward. Included in this is Fritz Ferstl (Grid Engine founder and Director for Grid Engine at Sun) who joins as Univa CTO.

My first reaction: What great news for the HPC community! Having been at Sun for many years and in fact having been involved in Sun’s decision to acquire the Grid Engine technology and team, I am very aware of Grid Engine’s value for HPC and its popularity within the community. That Grid Engine seemed destined to be absorbed into Oracle’s vast commercial software stack with a decreasing focus on HPC generally and on Grid Engine’s open source community in particular, seemed to spell the end of Grid Engine as a viable distributed resource manager for the HPC community. Univa’s move has changed the Grid Engine landscape entirely, much in the same way that Whamcloud and ClusterStor (now part of Xyratex) have bolstered confidence in the future of the Lustre parallel filesystem.

If Univa is going to deliver on its datacenter optimization vision, it needs a strong competency in distributed resource management and a firm and credible product and technology roadmap on which to base its offerings. The changes announced today are a very positive step in this direction, putting Univa in a strong position to deliver optimization solutions that span both bare metal and virtualized environments for HPC. The latter, of course, being a particular passion of mine. 🙂

Univa’s press release is here


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