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Unveiling Project Clarity

Today we’re ecstatic to announce Project Clarity, a design system that combines UX guidelines, patterns, and front-end code in one solution. Clarity is for the designer and developer in each of us.


Bringing it together — UX, HTML/CSS, and Angular

Clarity’s designs stem from relentless exploration and research. These designs are built into our HTML/CSS components, which can be used in any web UI, regardless of the underlying JavaScript framework. Clarity also offers a set of well-designed and implemented data-bound components built on top of Angular 2, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the industry. Every part of Clarity is now fully open source.


Our beginnings

We started building Clarity because we saw a resounding need for an internal design system that unifies VMware’s portfolio of products and accelerates product development through reusable components. Building alongside product teams, the Clarity team was able to tackle the complexities of enterprise use cases while striving for simplicity familiar to consumer applications. Since we began, dozens of VMware product teams have adopted Clarity. We’ll be telling more of the Clarity story in a future blog.


Embarking on the next chapter together

We believe that the value of Clarity goes beyond us. By cultivating a strong community and learning from other designers and developers, our possibilities are endless. Let’s extend the boundaries of creativity and build amazing things together.


Give it a go

Clarity’s Website:
Clarity’s GitHub Repo: