Blue glowing high energy plasma field in space, computer generated abstract background

Upcoming Talks

I’ll be speaking over the next week or so at two venues about various aspects of virtualization and HPC.

The first is a meeting of Dell XL, a consortium of computing centers that employ large-scale Dell systems. I’ll be speaking on the final day (March 31) at NASA-Goddard about both the opportunities and challenges of virtualizing HPC as well as discussing the ramifications of some of the convergence of HPC and Enterprise requirements and how this can be used to advantage by the HPC community.

I’ll also be speaking at OpenFabrics Alliance International Workshop in Monterey on Tuesday, April 5th. My focus there will be on converging latency requirements between Enterprise, Cloud, and HPC set within the context of the larger trends around Enterprise/HPC requirements convergence. I have a few things to say specifically around RDMA, a topic of great interest obviously to OFA.

By the way, this idea of convergence is central to the continuing and future health of HPC. I will come back to this topic in more detail in future posts because it is so important.


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