vCloud Hybrid Service at VMworld

It’s VMworld this week and whether you’re in San Francisco or following the event online, you’ll hear us make some exciting announcements on the hybrid cloud front including the general availability of vCloud Hybrid Service. And while there’s lots of news to talk about, I’d like to discuss one of the upcoming ways to manage vCloud Hybrid Service

vCloud Hybrid Service users have a number of options for managing cloud workloads in a hybrid scenario, and among these is the vCHS Plug-In for the vSphere Web Client. If you run vSphere in your own facilities you likely rely heavily on the vSphere Client. Those of us who have been using VMware virtualization for several years are intimately familiar with the Windows client, but more recently VMware has begun to transition administrative functions to the vSphere Web Client.

A key feature of the Web Client is extensibility, which was possible in a limited fashion with the Windows client but lacked deep integration capabilities. The vCloud Hybrid Service engineering team is taking full advantage of the Web client extensibility to provide rich management capabilities for cloud administrators. This will provide a consistent look-and-feel whether you are managing local vSphere resources or deploying and managing workloads in vCloud Hybrid Service. Administrators can easily access vCHS from directly inside the vSphere Web Client:

The cloud instances, dedicated or shared, that are procured within vCHS are available for administrators to manage within the client.  They can drill down into the cloud instance, view the VDCs, and manage the VMs within them. VDCs are exposed within the client along with resource information and common Actions:

Administrators can also view and deploy templates located in vCHS. These templates can be synchronized from the local template catalog using vCloud Connector, so that users can access their enterprise-compliant templates within vCHS:

By drilling into a VDC, vCHS administrators can view and manage virtual machines running in them, very similar to the way they’re used to managing their local vSphere infrastructure.  The same interface also allows the administrator to manage the VDC gateways to configure NAT/Firewall rules and other network services on them:

By integrating vCHS management capabilities within the vSphere web client, the VI administrator gets a single pane of glass to view and manage both on-premise private cloud and a vCHS-based public cloud, providing a true hybrid cloud experience. The vCHS management application within the vSphere client is easy to use and follows the same standard UI workflows and wizards that are part of vSphere management. This provides a seamless transition to managing vCHS clouds within the same application the administrators are already familiar with.

Before I close, I encourage you to learn more about vCloud Hybrid Service and the numerous new hybrid cloud service capabilities we announced today at VMworld. There are many other exciting features our team is working on – one being Direct Connect – a service for customers who want to leverage their own networking connectivity between vCloud Hybrid Service and their data center. Another is DR-as-a-Service that will launch later this year. So if you’re at VMworld, check out this blog for a snapshot of everything the vCloud team has in store for you this week.



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