Video: Ultra-low latency on vSphere

As promised, Bhavesh’s talk at the OpenFabrics User and Developer Workshop is now available for your viewing pleasure. In it, I spend a few minutes talking about some of the findings from our upcoming InfiniBand paper, and then turn it over to Bhavesh who presents the bulk of the talk. The video is here.


Part of Bhavesh’s talk covers our interest in providing RDMA capabiltiies to guest operating system instances while maintaining the ability to vMotion (live migrate) such virtual machines. This is crucial if RDMA is going to gain wider acceptance in the modern, virtualized datacenter where the value of live migration has been repeatedly demonstrated.


From a technologist’s perspective, it was good to see that Oracle apparently shares our view — first that RDMA is gaining importance in the Enterprise (InfiniBand, for example, is the interconnect used in Oracle’s Exa* line of appliances) and that live migration will be required for Enterprise use.