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Vision & Innovation at VMworld 2020

VMworld 2020 is just around the corner — September 29 to October 1. For the first time, VMworld will be all virtual and free for everyone to attend. While I will certainly miss the in-person connections, and the spontaneous conversations with customers and partners, I am thrilled VMworld will be more accessible to our community.

2020 marks my second VMworld as VMware’s CTO, and I have the privilege to deliver my perspective on Innovation@VMware to the conference attendees. In my Solutions Keynote [OCTO2966], I will share how the Office of the CTO is creating the future of disruptive technologies for VMware and enabling a culture of perpetual innovation across the VMware ecosystem. In addition to hearing about our inspiring innovations, you will also get to see some of these technologies via a series of lightening demos given by my colleagues in the Office of the CTO. After each of my keynotes (in three time zones), tune in to the Live Q&A session with my leadership team, where we will have an interactive discussion to answer your top of mind questions.

Vision & Innovation Track – a glimpse of the future

The Office of the CTO is leading the Vision & Innovation Track, and we have been busy preparing the 45 live sessions and 66 on-demand sessions. In this track you will get a glimpse of the future — showcasing emerging technology demos, and co-innovation projects from the Office of the CTO in collaboration with VMware partners and customers, that support your digital transformation strategies.

The Vision & Innovation Track includes three sub-tracks:

  1. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & High Performance Computing. Learn how to support ML within your organization and how VMware is using ML to create more automated, intelligent IT infrastructure.
  2. Office of the CTO. Explore the latest developments in multi-cloud, modern applications, virtual networks, crypto-agility, machine learning, enterprise-grade scalable blockchain, tech for good, and more.
  3. Professional Development. This is a new track at VMworld where you can develop your leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. You can also learn why diversity and inclusion is important for all innovative organizations and teams.

I encourage you to attend the broad set of technical sessions and stop by the Demo Zone to see the technologies in-action. Keep checking back here at the Office of the CTO blog for more in-depth updates on the VMware innovations at VMworld, and connect with us via Twitter @vmwocto.

I hope to connect with many of you at VMworld 2020 or beforehand via Twitter @GregL_VMware.