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¡Viva Cloud Management!

VMworld Europe kicked off today in Barcelona with approximately 8,000 attendees. My keynote this morning focused on the software-defined datacenter and our updated cloud management portfolio. This management offering includes enhancements to the management products in the recently released VMware vCloud Suite, and stand alone tools, plus the newest member of our cloud management solution: vCloud Automation Center.

Management must change in a fundamental way. In today’s cloud era, there are faster moving parts, a requirement for greater scalability, a substantial need for self-service – and a core requirement of deep automation. VMware brings new capabilities to our customers to better manage their software-defined datacenters – with vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Operations Management Suite and vFabric Application Director. I address these areas in greater detail below, and in my keynote.

Self-Service is core to Cloud

  • VMware is delivering self-service to customers with vCloud Automation Center. We recognize that cloud is about self-service access and automation; we are delivering tools to do this.
  • vCloud Automation Center is a portal where users can select from a set of applications that will deploy and run automatically with full policy linkages. IT can enable users to move faster.
  • Once the applications are deployed, users can manage and monitor apps on their own, in vCloud Director-based public/private clouds or external clouds such as AWS.

Application Management must evolve

  • With the growth of applications in a software-defined datacenter, the challenge for users becomes ‘how do I manage all of these applications’ since practically any application can be run on vSphere.
  • vFabric Application Director provides modular blueprints to users so they can easily compose applications, configure properties and settings inside the application, and ultimately have the applications deploy automatically.
  • We’ve built the Cloud Application Management Marketplace for customers to download application blueprints from other software vendors and also share their own blueprints.
  • If you want to learn more about our application management strategy and the supporting app management products that launched today, check out my colleague Preeti Somal’s blog.

Cloud Operations needs to be automated

  • After your cloud is up and your environment is likely getting larger and change is happening more quickly, we know customers will want to automate the operations and analytics.
  • vCenter Operations helps customers figure out what’s happening in their environment. The product has integrated and automated performance, capacity, and configuration management capabilities along with deep analytics.
  • Some of the cool new features in the vC Ops product include:
    • Custom Groups which let’s users slice and dice views of their environment from a business perspective. This will help ensure your important business applications are healthy.
    • Best Practices have also been embedded in the product. We published our own deep knowledge of vSphere to help with troubleshooting.
    • Application Visibility: You can now determine if there’s a problem at the infrastructure level or the application level.
    • Single Pane of Glass: Customers now have a single dashboard to monitor the state of their environment across multiple clouds, private to public.

Multi-Cloud world

  • VMware is enabling our customers to operate across multiple clouds – VMware, AWS, OpenStack, physical, you name it. While we feel it’s best to deal with a homogenous set of resources, that isn’t always the reality and we’re helping customers bridge the gap.
  • Multi-hypervisor Manager is a new feature I previewed today in my keynote. Users will be able to manage both VMware and Hyper VMs while staying in their reliable VMware environment.
  • My colleague Kit Colbert today blogged about VMware’s support for heterogeneous management and how we’re making this a reality for our customers.

¡Ay, caramba! Lots happening at VMware on the management front and we couldn’t be more excited about where it’s all headed. If you’re at VMworld Europe this week, I encourage you to check out all the management spotlight and breakout sessions, and walk around the VMware booth to learn more about what we’re doing in this space.

Now, it’s time to get some tapas…