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VMware acquires Cetas Software for Cloud and Big Data Analytics


At the beginning of the year, I posted that we are in the midst of a data renaissance  — where a rapid proliferation of new uses of data is driving new technologies to manage data. The traditional relational database had once been the main vehicle for serving the needs of online applications with optimized variants used to store longer-term data for business intelligence and analytics. No longer however, does one size fit all when it comes to data and database technologies.

The unprecedented volume of information being collected and analyzed is driving new Big Data technologies. Extreme performance requirements and changing hardware architectures necessitate new Fast Data solutions, like in-memory databases. Applications that interact with data in a variety of formats and require frequent changes to their data model have given birth to NoSQL and other solutions for managing this Fluid Data.  Finally, the move to cloud computing is accompanied by a need to deploy and virtualize data technologies for Cloud Delivery. As VMware works to transform IT for the Cloud, we’ll increasingly look to address the challenges and opportunities associated with Big Data, Fast Data and Fluid Data.

There is a growing opportunity to augment application’s capabilities with analytics. In this context, I am excited to announce VMware’s acquisition of Cetas Software, an early stage Cloud Data Analytics company. The Cetas team has been driving the democratization of analytics and business intelligence by dramatically lowering the barriers to entry for all companies, from small businesses to large enterprises.  The Cetas analytics service provides next generation Big Data analytics and predictive intelligence systems that can operate at a scale of hundreds of terabytes and billions of events for online companies and enterprises. The key use cases served by Cetas are Online App Analytics, IT & Operational Analytics and Enterprise Hadoop Analytics. VMware will continue to invest in the Cetas technology and invite interested users to sign up for the service here.

Stay tuned for more news about how we will be integrating Cetas into VMware’s cloud application platform and services. For more information about Cetas, visit, the Cetas blog, and follow on Twitter at @CetasAnalytics.


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