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VMware Featured in ACM SIGOPS OSR Special Topics Edition

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Operating Systems Review (OSR) Special Topics August 2017 edition is hot off the presses and features some of the ground-breaking research taking place within VMware. VMware is extremely honored to take part in this edition. OSR is a publication of the ACM Special Interest Group on Operating Systems (SIGOPS), whose scope of interest includes: computer operating systems and architecture for multiprogramming, multiprocessing, and time-sharing; resource management; evaluation and simulation; reliability, integrity, and security of data; communications among computing processors; and computer system modeling and analysis.

Consistent with VMware’s tradition of collaborative innovation, the collection of papers are authored by developers from VMware’s product teams, members of the VMware Research Group along with our academic and industry research partners. David Tennenhouse, VMware’s Chief Research Officer, provides an introduction reflecting on the evolution of research at VMware with respect to the research topics and the role of research at VMware. Mark Silberstein (Technion, Israel) and Christopher Rossbach (Stop D9550 Austin, Texas) were co-editors.

This issue can be accessed at the ACM Digital Library and includes the following papers:

  • The P416 The Programming Language
    Mihai Budiu (VMware Research), Chris Dodd (Barefoot Networks)
  • A Hypervisor Approach to Enable Live Migration with Passthrough SR-IOV Network Devices
    Xin Xu (VMware), Bhavesh Davda (Oracle)
  • How to implement any concurrent data structure for modern servers
    Irina Calciu (VMware Research), Siddhartha Sen (Microsoft Research), Mahesh Balakrishnan (Yale University), Marcos K. Aguiler (VMware Research)
  • vSAN: Modern Distributed Storage
    Bryan Fink, Eric Knauft, Gene Zhang (VMware)
  • Performance Implications of Extended Page Tables on Virtualized x86 Processors
    Timothy Merrifield, H. Reza Taheri (VMware)
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage: Bridging the Gap between Compute Clusters and Cloud Storage
    Abhishek Gupta, Rick Spillane, Wenguang Wang, Maxime Austruy, Vahid Fereydouny, Christos Karamanolis (VMware)
  • Hypercallbacks: Decoupling Policy Decisions and Execution
    Nadav Amit, Michael Wei, Cheng-Chun Tu (VMware)
  • Sustainability as a first-class metric for developers and end-users
    Vijayaraghavan Soundararajan, Joshua Schnee (VMware)
  • Revisiting the Paxos Foundations: A Look at Summer Internship Work at VMware Research
    Heidi Howard (VMware), Dahlia Malkhi (VMware), Sasha Spiegelman (Technion, Israel)
  • Building an Extensible Open vSwitch Datapath
    Cheng-Chun Tu Joe Stringer Justin Pettit (VMware)