VMware at HIMSS13 – The Crescent City Connection

The main bridge into the heart of New Orleans, the Crescent City Connection will be an awesome sight to see for the 40,000 healthcare professionals descending on HIMSS13.

Like this picture of the Crescent City Connection on a foggy day, the way forward for healthcare IT can sometimes seem unclear. The only thing we really know is that there is no turning back. We must apply the lessons of the past, take inventory of new technologies, ideas and generational consumer needs, and always continue to move forward. The rate of change is staggering, and it shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

We believe there is a way forward that enables healthcare to quickly adapt to new challenges and opportunities while leveraging existing investments. We think healthcare should be able to modernize legacy systems and deploy powerful new technology solutions without starting from scratch, while empowering caregivers with the data and mobile access they require to deliver patient care—anywhere, any time.

Healthcare needs a proven and prescriptive way forward. Just as the people of New Orleans have come to rely on this bridge being there for them, healthcare needs to know companies are working to build reliable IT bridges to the future. They also need to know these paths are based on proven technology and paved to support whatever the future of patient care brings.

VMware is a founder and leader in the IT industry. As a pioneer, we helped literally redefine IT through virtualization. Now we are delivering a way to future-proof healthcare IT investments. We are helping to build the bridge that will get healthcare IT where it needs to go.

We look forward to seeing you at HIMSS13 in booth #851 so you can see for yourself what we’ve been working on:

  • AlwaysOn Point of Care with analytics – Get end-to-end visibility into the health, performance and efficiency of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Proactively ensure the best caregiver experience and avert incidents while improving IT productivity and lower costs.
  • Medical dictation – Help clinicians spend more time with patients by dictating prescriptions, case notes and diagnosis directly into clinical applications. Provide the same dictation experience in a virtual as a physical desktop environment.
  • Compliance in the cloud – Transform the cost, quality and delivery of patient care and provide the necessary control and transparency to establish and meet HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX and other compliance mandates in virtual and cloud environments.
  • Seamless ISV experiences – Talk to our partners and see fully supported and validated applications and cloud services on the industry’s foremost virtualization and cloud infrastructure platform.
  • Cloud-based clinical workspaces – Check out how we’re supporting private, public and hybrid cloud computing with our AlwaysOn Point of Care solution.
  • Telehealth with cloud-based workspace – Experience patient care engagement in a compliant environment that can save you time and money.
  • Secure printing with cloud-based workspace – Use VDI to let users access their data from anywhere in the network or over a trusted VPN, and send it to a networked printer. Securely print documents on legacy or modern printers to maintain compliance.
  • Medical imaging for the cloud – Get nonstop access to your RIS/PACS applications and medical images. Accelerate to stage 2, meaningful use; achieve better access and faster results; and eliminate log-in delays, avoiding downtime and upgrade hassles.

And don’t forget, VMware is a proud sponsor of the HIMSS13 keynote by President Bill Clinton on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. For details, visit www.himssconference.org.

Let VMware help you bridge to better healthcare IT. See us at HIMSS13.