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VMware Innovation Zone: A glimpse into the future

​To celebrate our 20 years, the Office of the CTO (OCTO) is showcasing 20 extraordinary years of transforming unthinkable ideas into reality at VMworld 2018 US.

We are celebrating our past and present with our patents (#2 most powerful patent portfolio in Computer Software by IEEE), artifacts (VMware 1.0 box, DISCO award, and more), a collection of our product milestones T-Shirts (from 2000) and our sustainability impact (Global Impact Report here)

We are also showing some forward looking R&D projects:

  • Virtualization at the Edge: The emergence of Edge Computing for IoT promoted the distribution of compute, networking and storage to the edge of the network and closer to the end user. Virtualized gateways o­ffer compelling benefits such as consolidation, isolation, lifecycle, security and resiliency of IoT-related workloads.
  • Corporate WAN over Public Clouds: As applications migrate to clouds and mobile and IoT become ubiquitous, corporate WANs become costly, expensive and inflexible detours that slow down communications. Cloudified Business Network (CBN) leverages the worldwide data centers, distribution and fiber-optic networks of public clouds to create an auto-scale software overlay network service that amplifies corporate WAN performance and dramatically shrinks costs. Watch the video here
  • Cascade: A Just-in-time compiler for reprogrammable hardware. This project takes a new approach to hardware compilation, which adopts a known solution from the software domain. Rather than attempt to reduce the latency of the compiler, we instead hide it behind an interpreter in a JIT. Code is executed immediately in a hardware interpreter, while the long running compilation job is performed in the background. Learn more: here

  • A Digital Trust Infrastructure for Enterprise Blockchains: Modern enterprises are interconnected, so you and your partners need a shared digital trust infrastructure. Project Concord, a state-of-the-art, open-source infrastructure for distributed digital trust, is the heart of VMware’s enterprise-grade blockchain service vision. Building on Concord, VMware seeks to help you automate, trust, and verify your digital transactions with others. Join Project Concord to advance blockchain technologies.
  • Concept Demo: vSAN over NVMe-oF with Intel: Enable HCI for Independent Scaling of Storage and Compute Flash devices are becoming bigger, cheaper and faster. This is fueling a new generation of software-defined storage products and IT architectures like HCI, which utilize servers with local storage. NVMe is a new storage protocol for fast flash devices. The NVMe-oF variant offers high-performance storage access over networks such as FC or Ethernet.
  • WOB-Tree: Metadata maintenance is often a bottleneck in enterprise storage systems. VMware has developed a new data structure for storing and updating metadata in an enterprise storage system. Our data structure performs updates up to 100x faster than conventional data structures. As a result, we expect this will give a 10x improvement in vSAN throughput. Moreover, this will also make SSDs last longer, as managing metadata will be cheaper with the new data structure.

  • NSX-T SmartNIC: Leveraging state of the art technologies from network card hardware vendors, we show new possibilities for deploying network virtualization with VMware NSX-T. By running NSX-T stack in the Arm cores on the SmartNIC, we can free up costly X86 cycles, enable new security solutions, and enhance non-hypervisor deployments such as Kubernetes and bare metal workloads.
  • Dispatch Serverless Framework: Serverless is a technology for effi­ciently delivering services. Developers leveraging serverless frameworks focus on business logic, packaged in function form, rather than infrastructure. Dispatch is an open source project by VMware aimed at delivering Kubernetes native serverless to the enterprise. Join us on Github
  • Hillview: A Cloud Service for Big Data Visualization : “Data is the new gold” is the mantra of the cloud era. While there are many tools for browsing and understanding data, few tools scale seamlessly to huge data sizes. Hillview is an open-source project for building an easy-to-use, browser-based tool for interactively exploring, visualizing, and charting very large data sets—up to trillions of data values. Learn more here
  • Quantum: Driving awareness of Quantum Computing basics and Implications to Cybersecurity, along with VMware’s position and initiatives.

If you are at VMworld, find us in the VMvillage and get a chance to win a limited edition of our LEGO minifig.

Follow us on @vmwocto to learn more.

(photos by Pranay Pareek)

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