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VMware Launches Zero Carbon Committed Cloud Partner Initiative

VMware has always demonstrated a steadfast commitment to sustainability. We pledged that our Palo Alto headquarters would be carbon neutral by 2020 and achieved that milestone two years ahead of schedule. We didn’t stop there. The next goal we set was to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for our operations and supply chain as part of our 2030 Agenda

In service of this effort, we’re excited to announce the launch of the VMware Zero Carbon Committed cloud partner initiative. Our goal is to accelerate the transition to zero-carbon clouds through VMware Cloud Partner datacenters powered by renewable energy sources. We’ve kicked off this project as a collaboration with a group of VMware Cloud Verified providers who operate sustainable datacenters based on VMware software defined data center (SDDC) technology. Inaugural partners who meet these criteria include Atea, Equinix, IBM, Microsoft, OVHcloud, and OVHcloud US.

VMware will be adding more qualified partners over time, as well as encouraging other cloud providers to set and achieve their own sustainability goals. Together, our focus will be to catalyze the transition to a zero-carbon Internet, help customers reach their sustainability and decarbonization goals, and continue to accelerate sustainable computing with VMware’s SDDC technology. 

We are committed to reducing the global environmental impact of digital operations through more efficient and productive use of IT infrastructure.

Read the full announcement and learn more about our Zero Carbon Committed initiative.