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VMware People “Take3” Months to Support Nonprofits on their Digital Journeys

The VMware Social Impact team is a small team with huge goals. As part of VMware’s newly formed Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) office, the team mobilizes VMware talent and resources to deliver long-term solutions to pressing social problems. In addition to ensuring strategic, company-wide focus on the 30 goals in VMware’s 2030 Agenda, the team also manages programs focused on specific goals. One of these goals is VMware’s commitment to accelerating nonprofit’s digital journeys.

To advance progress towards this goal, the VMware Social Impact team has recruited several employees to join the team for three-month assignments via the Take3 program. Take3s empower VMware people to dedicate three months to a project outside of their day-to-day role. This is an opportunity for professional, technical, and leadership development that not only contributes to their growth but also encourages a culture of co-innovation across VMware.

Each of the four people who joined the Social Impact team for their Take3 focused on increasing nonprofits’ ability to access VMware services and solutions — a core pillar of the nonprofit digital-transformation goal. Read more about their experiences below:

Edward Aguilar, Consultant, Professional Services, United States (Take3 completed in 2021)

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Edward joined the team to explore what a managed service provider could do for nonprofit customers, in terms of technology consulting, implementation, and support.

“My Take3 gave me the opportunity to meet with many people across the organization that I wouldn’t usually interact with in my day-to-day role. I definitely feel re-energized and excited to take this experience and what I learned to my day job.” — Edward Aguilar, Consultant, Professional Services

Scott Ballenger, Staff Engineer, vCenter, United States (Take3 completed in 2020)

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Scott joined the team to scope out how VMware could donate credits to nonprofits that they could use to access VMware solutions that might support them on their paths toward digital transformation. 

“One interesting thing to note is that my Take3 was part of a larger, ongoing effort. It was really great to be a part of something bigger than I could accomplish on my own.” — Scott Ballenger, Staff Engineer, vCenter

Arron Lock, Senior Digital Workspace Strategist, United Kingdom (Take3 completed in 2019)

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Arron joined the team to explore how VMware’s digital workspace platform, Workspace ONE, could support nonprofits in their day-to-day operations.

“It was an absolute privilege to work with the Social Impact team as part of my Take3, and a great opportunity for me to make a small contribution towards the great work that VMware does with the non-profit community.” — Arron Lock, Senior Digital Workspace Strategist

Sean Harris, Chief Strategist, EMEA Advisory Services, United Kingdom (Take3 completed in 2018)

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Sean joined the team to survey the nonprofit sector to better understand its needs and challenges, as well as to identify how digital technology — specifically VMware solutions — could help nonprofits overcome those challenges to better deliver upon their missions.  

“My Take3 was similar to my “day job” as a Business Solutions Strategist within Advisory Services.  However, instead of dealing with VMware’s major global and enterprise customers, I worked with nonprofit organizations — something I had little experience with. Applying my 30+ years of industry experience in a new environment took me out of my comfort zone. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain new insights. I feel that I was able to advance the ways that we can engage with nonprofits and I returned to my regular job refreshed, with a different type of energy.” —Sean Harris, Chief Strategist, EMEA Advisory Services

Check out this page to learn more about VMware’s commitment to nonprofit digital transformation.


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