VMworld 2010 was recently held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.  We had record number of attendees – over 17,000 – making this one of the biggest IT events in the industry today.  This is a testament to the impact virtualization and VMware are having on how enterprises think about their data centers. Major props for our events team who worked tirelessly through the year to put on this event!



The first day keynotes by Paul and Steve were perhaps the best I’ve seen in a good while.  They clearly articulated our strategy and talked about the new stack for cloud computing.  I overheard a number of attendees saying things along the lines of, ‘ah, now I get why they bought SpringSource last year.”  If you did not attend the conference, I highly encourage you to view the keynotes at www.vmworld.com.



Obviously, the focus was very much on Cloud Computing with most every single vendor talking about their role in this new computing paradigm. There is a lot of coverage on this already so I’m going to suppress the urge to add my two cents.


Talking about new paradigms, though… During day 2 at VMworld I had the privilege of having lunch with ten customers selected by our field teams. Very interesting conversations about how these folks are using our technologies and what they’d like to see in our products but the thing that caught my attention was that every one of them had an iPad. Ten out of ten! So I decided to keep an eye out for iPads and I was amazed by how many IT folks were using iPads. In that context, I’m very excited to talk about my new pet project – VMware vCenter on an iPad. Probably best to watch the video below…



We would love to hear your thoughts on this project. Will you use it? What features are most important to you?