VMworld 2021

Introducing the Vision and Innovation Track at VMworld 2021

It’s hard to believe that VMworld 2021 is right around the corner. This year has flown by,  marked by the extraordinary changes taking place in the world, as well as within our organization, with Kit Colbert’s promotion to VMware’s Chief Technical Officer. I’m delighted to share the array of innovations coming from our teams, all focused around one single-minded pursuit: solving our customers’ and partners’ most pressing problems while positioning them for the future.

Looking over the horizon, we see big changes coming. There is a pressing need to prioritize velocity and agility as we deploy and pivot security constructs. Machine learning is catalyzing solutions for complex enterprise challenges we could only imagine a decade ago. Edge computing has become a critical area of focus as we look to bring compute and machine learning to the farthest reaches of today’s elastic enterprise. And multi-cloud has become the norm, creating new opportunities to find innovative ways to better operate and optimize multiple clouds at scale.

These emerging trends and technologies are at the heart of this year’s Vision and Innovation Track at VMworld 2021. Kit Colbert and I will be delivering the solution keynote, which we hope will get you as pumped as we are about the work that has come out of the Office of the CTO (OCTO) over the previous year. We hope that you’ll discover new solutions, architectures, and perspectives that you can bring back with you to rev up your own company’s innovation engine.

The Vision and Innovation track has three subtracks — Co-Innovating in Action, Unlock Emerging Technologies, and Enable Intelligent Apps and Infrastructure. Below is a preview of some of the top sessions in each of these subtracks, featuring top technologists from the Research and Innovation group at VMworld 2021. I look forward to seeing you there.

Co-Innovating in Action 

Continuous calibration — checking and modifying our assumptions based on feedback from customers, partners, and industry experts — is core to our approach to invention and innovation. In that spirit, we will be highlighting a range of new innovations developed in partnership with external and internal groups.

Top sessions:

Unlock Emerging Technologies

Learn about the work we’re doing in edge computing, modern applications, cloud services, crypto agility, post-quantum cryptography, machine learning, and more. 

Top sessions:

Enable Intelligent Apps and Infrastructure

Learn about emergent trends and specific developments in machine learning, AI, and high-performance computing. You’ll also hear about the benefits of federated machine learning and its implications for the enterprise. Gain an understanding of how our SASE architecture provides on-demand, high-performance, secure cloud services to users, wherever they work.

Top sessions:

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