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Technology Futures and Innovation at VMworld 2016


VMworld is almost here and VMware’s Office of the CTO is involved with many elements of the VMworld 2016 program. We’ve got a lot in store for you in Las Vegas next week! Do you want to gain perspective into what’s on the minds of our technology leaders and innovators, see some of the next-gen projects we’re developing, and get a deeper understanding of our innovative technologies and direction? VMware’s Office of the CTO is complementing the outstanding VMworld 2016 content with some highlights of our own:


VMware’s Office of the CTO Booth: This year, the Office of the CTO booth is located within the main VMware booth in the Solutions Exchange. Stop by to learn about the forward-looking innovations and technologies coming out of our R&D and CTO Office. You’ll also have the opportunity to give direct feedback on future product releases. Also at our booth, VMworld attendees can learn how to get better connected with our field and R&D teams and get involved in our product development process.


Technology Futures Track: For the second year, the Technology Futures track is a core part of the VMworld agenda. It offers forward-looking technology sessions, including presentations and interactive panels that will help attendees plan and evolve their IT strategies around key technology areas such as: the Software-Defined Data Center, Cloud Native, Internet of Things, High Performance Computing, Open Source and more. Attendees will learn about VMware’s technology direction, research, innovation and products from VMware’s technology leaders within R&D and the Field.

Browse through the 10+ technical sessions in the Technology Futures track via the Content Catalog and add them to your conference schedule! Here’s a list of our Technology Futures track sessions:


Sunday, August 28th Sessions


Monday, August 29th Sessions


Tuesday, August 30th Sessions

  • CTO10624-S: Are you ahead of the IoT Curve (with Mimi Spier). In this Spotlight session, you’ll see the unveiling of VMware’s IoT strategy, witness a demo in action, and hear a panel of leading industry experts share practical customer examples and tips for success.
  • CTO7964: Cloud Native Buzzwords (Demystified) for Dummies (with Massimo Re Ferré). In this breakout, you’ll acquire basic knowledge that will enable you to pick the Cloud Native technology topic of your choice for a proper deep dive based on your own use cases and cloud maturity level.
  • CTO9942: Multi-Cloud Mania: Practical Operations in a Multi-Cloud World (with Chris Wolf & Eric Hardcastle). On a personal note, I hope to see you at my session! In this breakout, you’ll gain insights into how to approach multi-cloud operations, discover new architectures for future multi-cloud networking, security, operational management, and data management; and also learn innovative ways to leverage VMware tools you already have to get the most out of multi-cloud management today.
  • CTO9018: VMware Internet of Things Strategy Unveiled (with Ravishankar Chamarajnagar & Mimi Spier). In this breakout, you’ll see VMware unveil its IoT strategy and learn how we are helping customers innovate with IoT– from manufacturing to transportation or logistics to healthcare. You’ll also learn how to help your company benefit from VMware’s solutions and to take the lead in your industry with IoT.


Wednesday, August 31st Sessions

  • CTO9943: VMware Chief Technology Officer Panel – Trends and Futures (with Ray O’Farrell, Chris Wolf, Shawn Bass & Paul Strong). Also hope to see you at this session as well! In this panel session, you’ll get an opportunity to hear some of the thoughts and opinions from VMware CTOs, as well as ask questions of VMware’s technology leadership.
  • CTO8120: Debunking the Myths about Virtualizing High Performance Computing (with Josh Simons & Na Zhang). In this breakout, you’ll hear from two HPC experts from the VMware Office of the CTO who will debunk myths about virtualizing high performance computing. You’ll see detailed performance data showing which workloads run best when virtualized and explaining in detail why customers are beginning to virtualize these environments and what approaches are being used to do so.


Thursday, September 1st Session


What a line-up! As you can see, we have some excellent content to share with you. One of my favorite aspects of the VMworld experience is the time that I spend with the community. I’ll be posting my whereabouts on Twitter and hope to catch-up with or meet as many of you as I can. Safe travels and see you there!