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Welcome to The Whiteboard!

This new mini-blog is a place where I can share my top-of-mind thoughts and impressions with you. In some cases, The Whiteboard will feature quick news bytes or topics that are not deep enough to warrant a full blog post. Other times, these entries will be preludes to more in-depth topics that I plan to explore further at a later date. 

Like a real-life whiteboard, the goal for The Whiteboard is to create a casual, collaborative space. I encourage you to respond with your experiences and opinions on the topics I’m writing about, either in the comments, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn. Challenge me. Ask me a question. Share a different perspective. This is our opportunity to engage and connect. 

At VMware, our philosophy is that the best ideas always come from a meeting of diverse minds. The more contributions we have from the greatest number of people with varied backgrounds, thoughts, and life experiences, the smarter and more innovative we all become.  

I invite you to use The Whiteboard to co-innovate with me. 

Best,  Kit Colbert, Chief Technology Officer 


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