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What a week! RSA 2012 comes to an end.

What a busy week with security at the forefront! RSA 2012 continues to be the premiere security conference in the industry.  Cloud security and mobility have been the hot topics in the space, and continue to be for CIOs going into 2012.


RSA had a lot of interesting and well-attended sessions with our ecosystem of partners and new players as well. There was a Cloud Computing conference track that featured 29 breakout sessions – cloud security is mainstream now! And in fact, “cloud” and “virtual” yielded over 75 sessions presented at RSA 2012 – showing the interest amongst the end-user attendee base.




This week I had the opportunity to keynote at the Cloud Security Alliance Summit at RSA; Allwyn Sequeira, our CTO of security, wrote a great blog discussing the key themes of the talk. In addition, EMC TV interviewed me to hear more about what VMware is doing in the security space and there’s a lot to share about what we’re on the desktop, device, virtual and cloud environments!


VMware also had the opportunity to get some perspective from a few of our key technology partners and industry veterans. Thank you to RSA’s Bret Hartman for sharing his perspectives with me and our audience on the security space and sharing more details on VMware and RSA’s collaborative efforts.  In addition Allwyn interviewed Juniper Networks’ Chris Hoff, a long-time security influencer to get his take on cloud security, information security and what’s happening in the security space.


We’re looking forward to RSA 2013, and continuing to work with our customers on their securing their cloud and virtual environments. We hope to see you at next year’s conference!